Music’s Power to Heal: Your Emotional Mind

Music’s Power to Heal: Your Emotional Mind

Judith Pinkerton’s career as a professional violinist included performances with iconic music legends Elton John, Natalie Cole, Metallica, Barry Manilow, Andrea Bocelli, and more. But when a nurse discovered that her violin music replaced medication for her husband while he recovered from emergency back surgery, her life took a dramatic turn. Turning away from the pursuit of fame or fortune she embarked on a quest to understand the power of music – from all styles including Soul, R&B, Country, Rock & Jazz – and whether it could be crafted prescriptively to positively impact human physiology.
“A very informative, educational, and logical treatise on “music therapy.” An easy read. Music is in all our lives and it can be transformational, both positively and negatively (think romantic ballads such “The 12th of Never” versus hard rock). Thank you, Judith, for your talent as a musician and “music therapist.” You are the best!”
– Ted McAdam, Lt Colonel, USAF Retired
“Judith Pinkerton’s insightful journey through the way music can modify a person’s response to pain is quite a revelation to me. As a retired surgeon, a patient myself, and fervent work-out enthusiast, it explained a great deal about the roots of our mental reaction to various types of songs. Judith’s New Way to U.S.E. music is an engrossing read, and she has explained where and when various songs help dampen noxious influences, like pain, without medications. I enjoyed this book!”
– Kathy Mahon, MD
“We each connect with music as a natural response to the human condition. It is familiar. Pinkerton demonstrates stunning examples of the evolution of how we have thought about and value music that may shock you.” – Andy Kuniyuki, PhD, Professor, Nevada State College
“As a former private investigator in Las Vegas I read everything with a skeptical eye on the details. This has been an eye-opening look at the power and potential of music that I couldn’t have imagined. The author’s quest produced insights that have changed the way I see things in the world.”
– Arleen Sirois, Author, Madam P.I., True Tales of a Las Vegas Private Investigator



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