Music 4 Life® is changing the culture of music creation and consumption.



Music 4 Life employees and partners strive to be authentic truth-tellers who are: innovative, responsive, caring, music-therapy minded professionals focused on delivering value to our customers.


Our History

Music 4 Life® Inc. “M4L” was founded by Judith Pinkerton, a licensed (2011), board-certified music therapist (2002), dba SeminarConcerts International in 1991. In 2011, M4L became the cornerstone company escalating delivery of deep, transformational relief from stress, anxiety and other unsettled moods through its revolutionary therapeutic programs. Developed over several decades, Judith has worked with people from cradle to grave, delivering her proprietary platform that adds a third part to the traditional two-part music therapy platform.

Judith’s Alaskan hospital experience in 1986 birthed her solo violin recording “MEE in the Key of Peace” (1988). Then she relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada and founded the non profit Center for Creative Therapeutic Arts and organized a healthcare team to support her production of the first Music Medicine Pill, “MEE Concert” (1991). Simultaneously, Judith authored the accredited training program “Music: Can it Stop Pain?” (Nevada State Board of Nursing, 1990) which evolved into the “Music Medicine Boot Camp” (2014).  She wrote her first book “Music: The Stress-Release System in 3 Steps” (1993) then realized that a customized Music Medicine Pill was warranted in 1994 when a client revealed sexual trauma. In 2001 after the 9-11 event, Judith was deeply moved to do more for people hurting and created Music 4 Life as her trademarked brand.  Since then, thousands of people include more than 11,000 patients in addiction treatment who have benefited from M4L’s expanded books, radio show podcasts (2011-2017), playlists, training programs and Music Medicine Pill recordings.

In 1991, 1994 and 2000, Judith investigated the effects of the MEE Concert recording which yielded positive results with reduced unsettledness and trait anxiety for audience participants, cancer patients and university subjects.  Access the ebook “Brace for Impact: A Case for Emotional Fluidity” (2019) to read the studies.

In 2019, M4L created new branding and scaled all programs and products for mass consumption launching four online platforms to access club memberships, ecourses, and consultations. Consumers are empowered to self-regulate moods by accessing their music files another way for portability and ease in any situation to neutralize unsettledness (i.e. stress, anxiety, anger, depression, grief). Accessing the vastly under-utilized resource of music, M4L DIY programs and products support a broad sector of people (diverse work settings, problems, generations and preferred music) who have reduced or eliminated the need for certain medications – prescriptive or self-medicated with alcohol, and are being more productive, energized, happier, and peaceful.