Music4Life® Music Medicine Specialist

Music4Life® Music Medicine Certificate Program for Life/Health/Performance Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Educators, and HR Professionals.

This training program teaches you a collection of music medicine techniques designed to help people use music prescriptively for self-care and empowering improvements in performance.


Music Medicine Specialist Benefits

  • A one year renewable license for: the commercial use of the Music4Life trademark & standardized Music Medicine Pills, to promote yourself as a Music4Life Music Medicine Specialist.
  • Instruction in how to present the research and science behind the M4L System.
  • Instruction in how to track specialized client music needs.
  • Support in how to integrate the M4L Music Medicine Protocol into your other professional services.
  • Access to the Music Medicine Club to enroll for continuing education and ongoing support
  • Listing in M4L network
  • Affiliate Partner eligibility

(CEU’s & CMTE’s available)

This New Training is in development and scheduled for launch and enrollment in 2022. If you are interested in enrolling, please email to receive advance notification.

Instruction Includes

    • 15-Hour Music Medicine Academy e-Course
    • Three recorded podcasts on: Music to Enhance Performance; Music for Generations; Music to Heal.
    • Review of applicable research studies from sports, health and corporate wellness.
    • Learn how to guide clients to use M4L techniques for self-care and performance enhancement including Survival Packs and Performance Packs.
    • Learn to use tracking tools for physiological, behavioral and emotional responses as pertains to music.
    • Understand Music Medicine protocols for integrating M4L interventions into your professional practice.                                                                                                                                            (Protocols include: 1) Culture vs Genre; 2) Chronic Unsettled Comfort Zone; 3) Generation vs Genre.)
    • Complete self-assessment and create your 2-week listening routine, applying prescriptive music techniques for self-care.
    • Report results of your 2-week listening routine.



  • Music Medicine Boot Camp Manual
  • Music Medicine Specialist Manual pertaining specifically to self-care and performance enhancement.
  • Sample guide for tracking performance improvements.

Books & Resources

    • Sound of Healing, Applying Music in Exercise and Sport, Inside Sport Psychology, Music, Health, and Well-being: A Review.
    • Access to music recordings, powerpoint presentation, research studies on music, productivity and performance enhancement.
    • HIPPA compliance information


  • Complete all coursework and receive a certificate awarding the designation of Music4Life Specialist. (Annual Renewal Required)

Candidates include: athletic trainers, teachers, human resource professionals, life and health coaches, facilitators. 15.0 hours of training, 18 CEU’s pending