Music4Life® Music Medicine Specialist Training


“MMS” Certification Training


Life/Health/Performance Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Educators, and Human Resource Professionals


This certification training teaches you a collection of music medicine techniques designed to help people use music prescriptively for self-care and empowering improvements in performance.


  1. A one year renewable license for: the commercial use of the Music4Life trademark & standardized Music Medicine Pillsand to promote yourself as a Music4Life®Music Medicine Specialist – “MMS.”
  2. Instruction in how to present the research and science behind the Music4Life Music Medicine Protocol.
  3. Instruction in how to track specialized client music needs.
  4. Support in how to integrate the Music4Life Music Medicine Protocol into your professional services.
  5. Listing in the Music4Life professional network.
  6. Affiliate Partner eligibility to earn passive income.
  7. Certification includes the certificate and downloadable digital badge assigning the designation of “MMS”– Music4Life® Music Medicine Specialist (Annual Certification Renewal Required)


  1. 18-Hour Music Medicine Academy on-line training with a music therapist as your instructor.
  2. Three recorded podcasts on: Music to Heal, Music for Generations, Music to Enhance Performance.
  3. Review applicable research studies from sports, health and corporate wellness.
  4. Learn how to guide clients to use Music4Life techniques for self-care and performance enhancement including ten Survival and Performance Packs.
  5. Learn tracking tools for physiological, behavioral and emotional responses.
  6. Understand Music Medicine protocols for integrating Music4Life interventions into your professional practice. Protocols include: 1) Culture vs Genre; 2) Generation vs Genre; 3) Chronic Unsettled Comfort Zone.
  7. Access the popular FAVES session plan with template and instructions to facilitate groups.
  8. Complete the self-assessment applying prescriptive music techniques for self-care with consult by a Music4Life®Music Medicine Practitioner with optional 2-week listening experience.


  1. Music Medicine Specialist Manual
  2. Sample templates for tracking performance improvements.
  3. 365 session themes with supportive music medicine selections.

Books & Resources

  1. Music’s Power to Heal; Brace for Impact; Applying Music in Exercise and Sport and Inside Sport Psychology (additional cost); Music, Health, and Well-being: A Review.
  2. Access to music recordings, PowerPoint presentation, research studies on music, productivity and performance enhancement.
  3. HIPPA compliance information
  4. “Power Up 365” daily text program
  5. Subscription to to complete certification (additional cost of $10)

Training Certification

  1. Complete all coursework and receive the certification designation of Music4Life Music Medicine Specialist – “MMS”. (Annual Certification Renewal Required)
  2. Continuing education required for annual renewal:
    • “Harmony Builder” membership ($10/month consecutively for 12 months) at
    • Access ongoing support, live events, blogs, and free merchandise.
    • Submit quarterly attendance reports.

18.0 hours of training