Music4Life® Clinical Specialist

The Music4Life® Clinical Specialist Certification program is designed for licensed clinical nurses, doctors, therapists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, and other licensed health professionals who want to add M4L Music Medicine techniques and strategies to their practice. Learn to help your clients and patients learn self-regulation and emotional mood management techniques to help with self-care, stress, anxiety, addictions and many other challenges.

Clinical Specialist Training and Objectives

Coming to you November 18, 2022! When you enroll at the Music Medicine Academy, you will receive notification when this course is launched.

19-Hour Music Medicine Academy e-Course
2-Hours Personal Instruction
3-Hours Supervised Practicum to support the HIPPA compliant client/patient case study
Three recorded podcasts on: Music to Enhance Performance; Music for Generations; Music to Heal
Review of applicable research studies from counseling, social work and medical fields


Learn how to guide clients/patients to use M4L techniques and how to use music medicine strategies in your practice with individuals and groups utilizing the M4L 6 Habits of Music Medicine for Highly Empowered People.

Understand Music Medicine protocols for integrating Music4Life interventions into your professional practice. Protocols include: 1) Culture vs Genre; 2) Chronic Unsettled Comfort Zone; 3) Generation vs Genre.

Learn contraindications

Learn how to guide clients to use M4L techniques for self-care and performance enhancement including: M4L Music Medicine, Survival Packs and Performance Packs, and Power Up 365.

Learn to use tools for tracking behavioral and emotional responses to music.

Complete self-assessment and create your 2-week listening routine, applying prescriptive music techniques for self-care.

Write a Case Study of results from your 2-week listening routine using a presentation template.

Music Medicine Clinical Specialist Manual pertaining specifically to self-care, patient and client support including assessment inventories and HIPPA compliance forms.

Included Resources
6 Habits of Music Medicine, Power Up 365, Sound of Healing, Person Centered Therapy, Music Recordings, M4L Music Medicine Powerpoint Presentation, Music Research Reprints

Certificate of Completion


  • This program is available to licensed health professionals. To enroll and renew you need to verify one or more of the following and sign the letter of agreement.
  • Licensure or certification as an allied health professional
  • Proof of employment in a qualified professional capacity (i.e.-licensed addictions counselor, licensed juvenile justice professional, etc.)
  • Professionals qualifying hold a license in medicine, clinical social work, marriage & family therapy, counseling, psychiatry, or another licensed clinical profession
  • IMPORTANT: You must maintain licensure to be a M4L Clinical Specialist and renew annually your certification by subscribing to the (“Music Mage” tier $15/moth) for continuing education and support.
  • Complete all coursework and case study and receive a certificate awarding the designation of M4L Music Medicine Clinical Specialist – “MMCS.” (Annual Renewal Required)

Clinical Specialist Benefits

Renewable annual license permitting the commercial use of the Music4Life® trademark and standardized Music Medicine Pills, and to promote yourself as a M4L Clinical Specialist

Be a M4L authorized presenter

Assessments for customizing client music needs for basic self-regulation and emotional mood management techniques

Support for integrating the M4L Music Medicine Protocol into your other professional services

Listing in M4L network

Affiliate Partner eligibility

Certified M4L Clinical Specialist Badge (digital)