Music 4 Life® Certified Practitioner

This 9-month intensive supervised training provides Music 4 Life® Practitioner certification exclusively to participants who are already board-certified music therapists.

Completion of the Practitioner Training offers the opportunity to receive clients in the Music 4 Life Telemedicine program, requiring acquisition of the Nevada state music therapy license or similar state license (i.e. in Nevada $200, then $150 every 3 years requiring 100 CEUs) as well as compliance with Music 4 Life® Practitioner certification.

  • Study Music Medicine methods based upon different theoretical orientations to evolve personal music listening habits and treatment applications.
  • Build music medicine library from all genres (300 songs)
  • Experience emotional fluidity for self-care
  • Deepen empathy and support for clients
  • Broaden your knowledge of music elements’ influence on mood, physiology and behavior.
  • Develop and implement session plans applying prescriptive Mood Sequence Formulas
  • Learn to develop customized home programs for clients
  • Best practices for legal compliance
  • Learn to grow your practice with effective marketing strategies
  • Contribute to ongoing longitudinal research


This program is available exclusively to Board Certified Music Therapists.

97 hours of training, 116 CMTEs


Certified Practitioner Benefits

  • M4L Practitioner Kit – Assessments, forms, agreements, research reprints, MEE CD, recorded virtual meetings, MEE in the Key of Peace,Stress Brake CD, Journey with MEE Powerpoint, The Sound of Healing training book,  MAPP MEE Self-Assessment clinical manual with inventories, Music 4 Life® Active & Passive Music Therapy Activities with MEE Study book, Online Health Risk Assessment Code key, Audio editing software
  • License to use Music 4 Life® brand in marketing
  • Certified Music4Life Practitioner Badge
  • Referral opportunities from M4L Clinical Specialists
  • Earn income with M4L Telemedicine referrals
  • Affiliate revenue opportunities
  • M4L Certified Practitioner listing on the M4L Website



(CEU’s & CMTE’s available)