Music4Life® Certified Practitioner

This 9-month intensive supervised training provides Music4Life® Practitioner certification exclusively to participants who are already board-certified music therapists.

Completion of the Practitioner Training offers the opportunity to receive clients in the Music4Life Telemedicine program, requiring acquisition of the Nevada state music therapy license or similar state license where required (i.e. in Nevada $200, then $150 every 3 years requiring 100 CEUs), as well as compliance with Music4Life® Practitioner certification.

  • Study Music Medicine methods based upon different theoretical orientations to evolve personal music listening habits and treatment applications.
  • Build music medicine library from all genres (300 songs)
  • Experience emotional fluidity for self-care
  • Deepen empathy and support for clients
  • Broaden your knowledge of music elements’ influence on mood, physiology and behavior.
  • Develop and implement session plans applying prescriptive Mood Sequence Formulas
  • Learn to develop customized home programs for clients
  • Best practices for legal compliance
  • Learn to grow your practice with effective marketing strategies
  • Contribute to ongoing longitudinal research


This program is available exclusively to Board Certified Music Therapists.

97 hours of training, 116 CMTEs

Inquire about the next training. Email:  judith at music4life dot us .

Download the flyer here: Practitioner Training promo

Company Mission Statement: Music 4 Life, Inc. is committed to excellence as a leading provider of self-discovery music wellness strategies building healthy lifestyles. Specific to Continuing Music Therapy Education (CMTE), Music4Life® empowers music therapists to realize their potential as confident therapists by developing music listening habits intuitive to personal and client needs, expanding music across cultures and generations, and providing an organized, adaptive music classification system within a new three-part research-based paradigm.

Certified Practitioner Benefits

  • M4L Practitioner Kit – Assessments, forms, agreements, research reprints, MEE CD, recorded virtual meetings, MEE in the Key of Peace, Stress Brake CD, Journey with MEE Powerpoint, The Sound of Healing training book,  MAPP MEE Self-Assessment clinical manual with inventories, Music4Life® Active & Passive Music Therapy Activities with MEE Study book, Online Health Risk Assessment Code key, Audio editing software
  • License to use Music4Life® brand in marketing
  • Certified Music4Life Practitioner Badge (digital)
  • Referral opportunities from M4L Clinical Specialists
  • Earn income with M4L Telemedicine referrals
  • Affiliate revenue opportunities
  • M4L Certified Practitioner listing on the M4L Website

(CEU’s & CMTE’s available)