Key2MEE Music APP

Unlock the power of music using Music4Life’s key* that decodes your emotional balance through your “MEE” (really YOU) cathartic journey of Music that Exercises Emotions. Based on neuroscience, prescriptive playlists are generated from many genres, possibly including your preferred music, that may influence the use of medication three ways as moods are adjusted to eliminate emotional barriers.  The Key2MEE assessments, tutorials and personalization will track mood adjustments as you practice emotion regulation to improve resilience.



 Key2MEE™ patent

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* KEY: the proprietary Music4Life® Music Medicine formulaic, evidence-based protocol supports clinicians and clients creating personalized, prescriptive Music Medicine playlists with on-demand, neuroscience, psychology and music therapy-informed prevention strategies utilizing tutorials and a telehealth network of trained specialists. Enhance treatment regimens that may influence the use of medication three ways: physician-directed reduction, cessation, or prescription.


“Music4Life’s Music Medicine Protocol and when marketed, Key2MEE mobile application, offers the ability to regulate one’s emotions and self-control through their music choices. All this power can be available to all Airmen and their families to create increased resilience across all four pillars – physical, emotional, mental and social, through what nearly everyone has near them the majority of the day – their cell phone!”

Col Kevin McCal, Ph.D., MMCS, Clinical Psychologist, AF Special Operations Command Deputy Surgeon


Investors may be accepted after the Key2MEE launch, to fund research, staff and marketing, currently in development with First beta-testing launch is scheduled for May, 2024. To participate in the beta test, sign up here!