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Take a few minutes to complete your Key2MEE® Emotional Profile QUIZ and read your results to find the key to you – or “MEE” – where you decode how you use Music to Exercise your Emotions to feel better. Find out if you’re trapped in a Chronic Comfort Zone keeping you from feeling your best, and then what to do about it. Begin discovering your key to the power of music, with quiz results recommending resources for optimal mood management.



Key2MEE supports you in understanding crucial steps of applying music for effective emotion regulation to improve resilience. Featuring the evidence-based practice of the Music4Life® Music Medicine Protocol, Key2MEE helps you decode the effectiveness of your music listening habits, based on neuroscience, psychology, and music therapy. Created by a music therapist, the protocol provides music therapy-informed strategies to thrive through adversity reducing emotional barriers.  The Key2MEE QUIZ guides your results to recommended Music4Life resources of tutorials, a telehealth network of trained specialists, prescriptive playlists, research, and tools for caregivers, empowerment, and clinical work to support emotion regulation targeting improved resilience.


The proprietary Music4Life Music Medicine Protocol is a formulaic, evidence-based patented system of assessment, education and prescriptive music playlist applications developed by licensed, certified music therapist Judith Pinkerton, LPMT #38972-LMT-3, MT-BC #06719, who has dedicated decades to develop this protocol with more than 11,000 clients in residential addiction treatment centers. Personalized and standardized prescriptive Music Medicine playlists are generated from neuroscience, psychology and music therapy-informed strategies. Certification trainings, a continuing education platform, DIY “Do-It-Yourself” products, and a telehealth network of certified mental health providers enhance treatment regimens by helping you achieve a balanced music diet influencing your broad continuum of emotions to avoid entrapment in anxiety, anger, depression, or sadness. Personalized prescriptive playlists may influence the use of medication three ways: physician-directed reduction, cessation, or prescription.


Read about the protocol and related research in Key2MEE’s companion book for mood mastery: “Thriving through Adversity: Prescriptive Playlists to Reclaim Joy, Peace and Purpose in Life” (2024) by Judith Pinkerton, LPMT, MT-BC, with forward by Colonel (R) Kevin McCal, PhD, MMCS, Clinical Psychologist.




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Through her innovative Music4Life® program and the KEY2MEE® mobile application, Judith is revolutionizing the landscape of music therapy, offering a holistic approach to emotion regulation and self-care. Her pioneering music therapy-informed strategies, honed over three decades of practice, provide a valuable alternative or complementary regimen to traditional medication, addressing a spectrum of emotional challenges including anger, anxiety, depression, and grief.  

Air Force Colonel (Retired) Kevin McCal, Ph.D., MMCS, Clinical Psychologist


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