When you experience significant unsettledness (anxiety, anger, depression or sadness), you may be trapped in a Chronic Comfort Zone and not know it.

Because your Emotional Profile results suggest you may be trapped in one of these zones, Music4Life’s tutorials guides you into understanding the invisible negative nature of Chronic Comfort Zones with Blog articles and videos.

Mood Music Listening Habits discusses music listening connected to problematic moods. Learn about certain music listening habits that only temporarily relieve stress.

Are You Trapped discusses the impact of out of control, repressed or suppressed moods and how it develops what we call at Music4Life “Chronic Comfort Zones.”  

Music Medicine Club offers subscriptions to access educational content sharing life experiences, prescriptive techniques, research and recommended music from all genres for your own self care and to support you helping others. 

Is Your Music Toxic is a 32-minute tutorial about subconscious motivations of music listening habits, physiological benefits reported in research, life skills vital to apply music as medicine, and requirements to create prescriptive playlists.

Danger Zones of Music Listening Habits is a 60-minute eCourse analyzing your theme song and its possible connection to a Chronic Unsettled Comfort Zone. Then, read about how to dissolve danger zones.