LAS VEGAS (March 28, 2023) – Music4Life®, a rapidly growing company developing a rich channel of innovative therapeutic products addressing mental health support for stress, anxiety and addiction recovery, today announced the Power Up Your Life collection – a new series of music therapy-informed strategies and techniques harnessing the power of music as a healing agent.  Termed DIY Music Medicine, these strategies and techniques stem from the positive outcomes associated with music therapy and can be used within professional practices or independently.

Created by award-winning licensed and board-certified music therapist Judith Pinkerton, the Music4Life DIY Music Medicine protocol developed to treat anxiety, anger, chronic stress, depression, sadness, substance abuse disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been proven successful in clinical practice for thousands of clients. Evidence-informed DIY Music Medicine helps users alleviate symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety by validating experiences, deepening spiritual connections and targeting desired feelings and behaviors.

This novel approach has shown potential to dissipate much of the anxiety caused by intense reactions to stress, leading more people to improve the quality of their lives by transforming music listening habits to be prescriptive, like medicine.  Proven in a study conducted by Music4Life, 603 substance abuse detox patients reported 94-percent improved emotional intelligence and 91-percent improved mood after listening to just one 30-minute Music Medicine playlist.

The new Power Up Your Life collection of tools includes 6 Habits of Music Medicine for Highly Empowered People, Power Up 365 daily texts, Is Your Music Toxic eCourse, “Brace for Impact: A Case for Emotional Fluidity” eBook, “Music’s Power to Heal” eBook, two Performance Packs with Playlists and “Protect & Serve: 7-day Gut Stress” eBook with Music Medicine and dairy/gluten-free recipes. These resources are part of the multi-modal, music therapist-developed educational program, combining neuroscience, psychology and music therapy. These tools and resources teach effective mood sequence formulas, including unsettled, soothed and energized moods, which are the basis of the Music Medicine protocol.

These tools and resources make music work like medicine through a cathartic, intentionally designed process to support long-term effects of reducing unsettledness, which concurrently improves peace and happiness.

Lisa, a client who used her personalized Music4Life Prescriptive Playlist following the traumatic death of her mother, said, “I almost feel guilty because I was able to work through the various stages of my grief over mom’s loss so quickly and get to a place of gratitude.”

“Music4Life is committed to advancing innovative therapies for stress reduction and suicide prevention where there is a significant need for resources,” said Judith Pinkerton, Nevada Licensed Professional Music Therapist, Music Therapist Board Certified by and chief executive officer and founder of Music4Life. “Therefore, we are pleased to augment our channel with this cutting-edge collection of strategies and techniques by working with esteemed music therapists to provide advanced support when needed.”

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About Music4Life®

The Music4Life way of life utilizes an evidence-based practice using mood formulas with foundations in neuroscience, psychology and music therapy principles. Common practices of music listening are identified and transformed into empowering habits, applying music prescriptively for emotion regulation and resiliency.

In 2018 The Academy of Country Music awarded Judith Pinkerton the Lifting Lives Honor, to” acknowledge an individual who has made significant impact by healing through the power of music.

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