6 Habits of Music Medicine for Highly Empowered People



6 Habits of Music Medicine for Highly Empowered People


Are you tired of feeling stressed, anxious or traumatized? Emotional resilience is the key to why some people can roll with the punches and others of us get mired down in depression, anxiety and hopelessness.

Learn to use music medicinally and surprise your friends when nothing keeps you down. Learn to use music listening like medicine.

30-day card deck (3-1/2″ x 5″) in a beautiful box features 6 habits with 30 goals to transform common practices of music listening into highly empowered processes applying music as medicine, including the digital Music4Life Habits Journal of extended activities.

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“Every day, I used music as a way to numb. You could say it was similar to a drug or alcohol fix to escape my mental state. The 6 Habits Music Medicine card set helped me to realize how I was using music and how to use it intentionally instead. The moment I began using these cards, I changed the music I was listening to and was immediately positively impacted. I plan to use this card set as an intervention with the patients I serve for that revelation-type session that us therapists strive for in our clinical practice.”  — Chris Cummins, LMFT, LCADC, ACS

“The 6 Habits of Music Medicine for Highly Empowered People, 30 Days of Therapeutic Music Listening Activities takes music selection to a whole new level. Instead of “just listening” to whatever comes up, how about consciously selecting music that empowers and supports your health and overall wellbeing? This 30-day, easy-to-follow program will provide the tools needed to do just that. Take your listening habits deeper and make them intentional, utilizing this therapy-based, straightforward method.” — Niki Bates, EdD

“Just started using the cards. The Music4Life capsules are easy to follow, the QR codes provide easily accessible information. I realized some of my own habits and my responses to music especially when driving. I’m not good with journaling but see its value. Looking forward to moving forward in anticipation of realizing more about music’s impact on my mood.” – Toni Kern, Esq.



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