6 Habits of Music Medicine for Highly Empowered People



6 Habits of Music Medicine for Highly Empowered People


Use your music to harness the power of your brain’s natural neurochemical responses to reduce anxiety, depression, pain perception, and build emotional resilience. When you (or someone you know) are sick and tired of being sick and tired, emotional resilience is the key to why some people can roll with the punches and others get mired down in trauma, depression, anxiety and hopelessness.

This boxed card set delivers 30 days of habit-building life skills like “therapy in a box.” Listed as an Evidence-Based-Practice in Nevada, 6 HABITS curriculum teaches how to listen to music differently – like medicine – to get better results. Surprise your friends when nothing keeps you down!

“The 6 Habits of Music Medicine for Highly Empowered People, 30 Days of Therapeutic Music Listening Activities takes music selection to a whole new level. Instead of “just listening” to whatever comes up, how about consciously selecting music that empowers and supports your health and overall wellbeing? This 30-day, easy-to-follow program will provide the tools needed to do just that. Take your listening habits deeper and make them intentional, utilizing this therapy-based, straightforward method.” — Niki Bates, EdD

Created by Judith Pinkerton, 6 Habits was developed from her extensive clinical experience working with thousands of clients experiencing trauma, addiction, PTSD, anxiety, anger management issues, loss/grief, and depression. 5 activity cards advance learning eight different ways (i.e. listening, assessing, mindfulness, playlists, outreach, etc.) to implement each Habit (i.e. Zone Recognition, Mood Control, Music Hygiene, etc.), making music (from all genres) work like medicine. For instance, did you know that there are danger zones associated with music? Clients are amazed it’s only $40, thinking it would be $300 or $400.  Judith shares “I want these music therapy-informed techniques and strategies in everyone’s pocket to regulate difficult moods with the science supporting effective music listening habits.”

“Every day, I used music as a way to numb. You could say it was similar to a drug or alcohol fix to escape my mental state. The 6 Habits Music Medicine card set helped me to realize how I was using music and how to use it intentionally instead. The moment I began using these cards, I changed the music I was listening to and was immediately positively impacted. I plan to use this card set as an intervention with the patients I serve for that revelation-type session that us therapists strive for in our clinical practice.”  — Chris Cummins, LMFT, LCADC, ACS

This 30-day gold-edged card deck (3-1/2″ x 5″) is in a beautiful box featuring 6 habits with an instructional booklet. 30 goals transform common practices of music listening into highly empowered processes applying music as medicine. QR codes link to online extended activities and the downloadable Music4Life Habits Journal (67-pages).

“The Music4Life capsules are easy to follow, the QR codes provide easily accessible information. I realized some of my own habits and my responses to music especially when driving.” – Toni Kern, Esq.

“Adolescents in alternative learning settings due to behavior often have challenges managing their emotions. This is due in part to the developmental process of the brain, and also due to toxicity and trauma in the child’s environment. The 6 Habits of Music Medicine for Highly Empowered People have helped my students to identify their emotional challenges and communicate these challenges more efficiently, which allows me to enlarge their perspective about using music differently to bring different results.” –  Donnie Lee III, MT-BC, LPMT

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NOTE: 6 HABITS is sold through a pharmaceutical distributor catalog and NAMI-SN piloted the first 6 HABITS weekly education class series in 2023.



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Pilot Program curriculum includes 6 HABITS boxed card sets, FACILITATOR and PARTICIPANT manuals.  Contact Music4Life at the link above to get price quote, based upon number of participants, including online Music Medicine training to support your facilitator (or access one of our trained facilitators to present virtual classes).