7-Day Gut Stress Program, Protect & Serve

7-Day Gut Stress Program, Protect & Serve

Protect and Serve is a short-term goal-setting, 7-Day health improvement program. No need to set challenging, long-term commitments to your health right away. Just dip your toe in and feel the difference for yourself. This program includes stories of how the Author’s romance blossomed into a lifetime of love and adventure through their commitment to, and practice of alternative health strategies. You’ll discover how Dennis uses his knowledge of Chiropractic health and nutrition to target specific health challenges that Judith was experiencing and you’ll be able to try his gluten and dairy modified gourmet delights yourself. You’ll also read Judith’s meditative quotes, this is a strategy that helped her maintain a positive mindset through her own cancer journey, as a support tool you can use for adopting a health-promoting mindset. Judith includes music listening recommendations from her decades as a music therapist, designed to provide support for stress-free dining for optimized gut health. Learn from their very personal trials and tribulations how to incorporate twenty-one gluten free and dairy free recipes (keto recipes also adapted and included!) with a dose of daily music and meditative quotes to enhance relaxation and support a positive mindset.

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