Support Music4Life Circles​

Guidelines can be created from these strategies for the successful Music4Life circle that supports all participants, using melody as a supportive medicine. Powerful medicinal strategies can change listening habits that support family and employee wellness.

Consider starting or supporting a program that embraces these strategies:

  • Personalization respects preferred genres.
  • Education over-rides instincts.
  • Motivation creates healthy listening habits.
  • Perspiration increases with specialized music prescriptions used during physical workouts.
  • Repetition transforms lives.
  • Collaboration builds effective music medicine libraries with specific playlists.
  • Inspiration is contagious, spreading positive attitudes, collaboration, productivity, happiness, peace of mind, self-awareness and empathy.

Read the article “Music Wellness Programs: Merging Self-Responsible Strategies” to gain more ideas for supporting your Music4Life circle.

Imagine the hundredth monkey effect creating new behaviors and ideas that spread rapidly from one group to across our country once a critical number of members of one group exhibit empowered music listening habits.  This way Music4Life’s mission will be in action through YOU to impact our world positively: changing the culture of music creation and music consumption.

Today’s article was written by our Guest Bloggers:

Judith Pinkerton, LPMT, MT-BC