Music4Life® envisions healing unsettledness in our world by changing the culture of music creation and consumption.

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This is how it translates for artists-in-concert, which is crucial for mass consumption. Imagine consistently going beyond the boundaries of providing just entertainment. Imagine creating a deeper healing experience, simply by decoding the music you plan to present to flow according to the Mood Sequence Formula guidelines of the evidence-based Music4Life® Music Medicine Protocol. Tap into this healing, music therapy-informed system of DIY products, tutorials, curriculum, continuing education and trainings.

To get started, read these 10 Tips to consider what to do next.

  1. Pay attention to your description of how music affects you. Subscribe to Music4Life’s to learn from experts how to analyze music choices.

  2. What does your music diet say about your health story? Understand what is in your music diet that affects your health. Become more aware of how your mindset and emotional balance may relate to your life conditions by enrolling in “Is Your Music Toxic?” eCourse at Music4Life’s

  3. Focus on what music you perform most often and observe the way you and your band and audiences respond through behaviors, emotions, and physiology.

  4. Do you consider ways your music concerts could go beyond providing temporary relief from the stress of life, such as purposefully enhancing music concerts that result in helping yourself, band members and audiences manage stress beyond the concert? Learn more watching a music therapist at the TEDxUNLV Talk “Music Powers Potential.”

  5. If you personally experience a lot of anxiety, anger, depression or sadness, you may be stuck in the “Chronic Unsettled Comfort Zone.” Your concerts may be trapping you in that zone, which then may lead to self-medication, addiction problems, negative behaviors and worsening relationships and health. Learn about healthy, music therapy-informed choices. Submit the FREE on-line Music4Life® Self-Assessment to discover your “emotional shape” at Then schedule a consult at Music4Life’s to identify your next steps to positively affect your mental health, concerts, behaviors, and relationships.

  6. The healthiest music diet includes three specialized playlists which focus on three mood categories. Enroll in a training at to learn how to flood these three playlists with Music4Life® Music Medicine recommendations from all genres, cross-training to new music. These three playlists are core to generating the prescriptive playlist called the Music Medicine Pill®.

  7. Manage your music environment with private sound space. What stops pain for you may create pain for someone else. Learn about environment consciousness in Music4Life’s evidence-based curriculum of “6 Habits of Music Medicine for Highly Empowered People.”

  8. For effective, long-term stress management, follow the DIY medical protocol Music4Life® Music Medicine by enrolling in the Music Medicine Advisor Training at

  9. Build music mojo harnessing the power of the Music4Life® Music Medicine Protocol to create a superpower of resiliency where your heart and mind link together for success that defies stressors.

  10. Share Music4Life® to reaffirm what you learn, supporting yourself first, then your band, family, friends, and audiences with improved productivity, energy, peace and happiness.