As a Caregiver for loved ones, you may be overwhelmed with caring for elderly, young ones, or special needs.

Your Emotional Profile results suggest that these resources identified for Caregivers may help alleviate internal struggles you may be experiencing, feeling more unsettled (anxious, angry, depressed or sad) or not able to relax or be happy.  Access these resources to make like easier to manage.


As a Caregiver for loved ones challenged with dementia and Alzheimer’s access this series of four Survival Packs to deepen your understanding about applications of the Music4Life Music Medicine Protocol. Each Survival Pack focuses on a decade matching the most memorable years of those loved ones whose current age is between the late 50’s to late 90’s. Generational Imperative and playlists connect with that generation’s music, lifestyle and values to enhance communication with your loved one. 

As a Caregiver for loved ones you may be experiencing anxiety about how the future will unfold. The music playlist in this “Anxiety Survival Pack” represents six different genres to cross-train your listening habits into considering other music genres for your specialized Music Medicine prescriptive playlists. Learn six ways to reduce anxiety.

As a Caregiver for loved ones challenged with gluten and dairy sensitivities or allergies, “Protect and Serve” is a 7-Day gut health improvement program. This Amazon book details stories of how the Author’s romance blossomed into a lifetime of love and adventure through their commitment to, and practice of alternative health strategies. Incorporate twenty-one gluten free and dairy free recipes (keto recipes also adapted and included!) with a dose of daily music and meditative quotes to enhance relaxation and support a positive mindset.

As a Caregiver for young ones, the “Infant Survival Pack” identifies three ways to calm young children, induce sleep and awaken happy. The music playlist in this “Infant Survival Pack” includes directions for analyzing responses and next steps. Experience a special genre with guitar-infused rhythms and movement instructions along with a research scientist’s recommendations for rhythmic patterns to improve cognition and speech processing.