Your Emotional Profile QUIZ results have motivated you to learn how to get started building mood mastery.  Learn how to harness the invisible power of music in your powerful, portable command center as you intentionally optimize your emotions daily to feel good and achieve your goals. Consider feelings like anxiety, anger, depression and sadness that can be released in a healthy way to avoid entrapment, to build resilience, to feel more relaxed and happy, and potentially influence the use of medication three ways.

Your Key2MEE Emotional Profile results are the first step in building awareness about the shape of your emotional balance.

Let’s get started learning what Music4Life® offers you.

Top 10 Tips to Thrive Through Adversity details important facets of Music4Life® to dive into prescriptive music listening that transforms life experiences.

Musics Power to Heal

Music’s Power to Heal reveals the power and potential of music you have not imagined. This short read (40-pages) book changes the way you may see the world.

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The Sound of Healing unites medical science with music therapy in the Music Medicine protocol – Judith Pinkerton’s second book (1996) Billboard claims can be an invaluable resource to dispel a bad mood with hundreds of recommended music and healing stories from across the country. 

Music Medicine Club offers subscriptions for educational content sharing life experiences, prescriptive techniques, research and recommended music from all genres for your own self-care and to support you helping others.

Music Powers Potential TEDx Talk features music therapist Judith Pinkerton describing the benefits of music therapy and music wellness programs and products, converting music assets into a powerful, portable command center for stress reduction.